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Marble Staircase Home Design, MARBLE STAIR STEPS COLLECTION.

China Granite Stone numerous varieties of stone products including stair slab, stone tactile slabs, marble stair step, stone stair steps, stone front stairs, stone landscaping stairs, marble stairs, stair treads, stone terrace, stair railings, stair stepper, flagstone stairs, etc.

China Granite Stone offers a modern style stair slab that has become ever increasingly popular. The simple stepped edges of stair slab create elegant soft curves in the marble leaving a raised panel that highlights the design. We do all our fabrication of granite step/ stair slab as per staircase remodel design size and style to meet per our customer's requirements.

Stair Material covers stair step and stair rise. They are fabricated by marble or onyx color. Size are available for your requirement. The thickness are available for 2cm and 1.5cm. We can offer you pakistan best marble and onyx colors , fit for making marble stair step , marble stair riser , and cut to you customized sizes . Regular size is stair tread: 120x33x2cm, stair rise : 120x17x1.5cm.

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